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Diverse Families & Perinatal Support Training (ONLINE-Ongoing Registration)

Training Organization: Doula Training Canada (DTC)

Where: Online

Cost: $60 (+tax).

Description: Our Diverse Families & Support online workshop raises the bar on our support models and solutions for individual family needs.

The online workshop content will guide you through lessons focused on defining family support models, hot topics in current support models, and policies currently related to Canadian families.

Students will receive weekly workbooks or resource materials, audio and video lessons from accredited professionals or first-hand experiences, access to our online community forum, and mentorship from our experienced Doula Canada team.

Some of the family models and support models we will discuss:

  • Surrogate family support

  • Single-parent family support

  • Inclusive language and support of all family models

  • Adoption support

  • Cultural considerations, tradition, and support

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