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Holistic Practices & Knowledge Training (ONLINE-Ongoing Registration)

Training Organization: Doula Training Canada (DTC)

Where: Online

Cost: $60 (+tax).

Description: Our online course on perinatal health and wellness, holistic style!

Interested in deepening your knowledge about holistic wellness practices that you can safely give reference to as a practicing Doula or Childbirth Educator?

Ta-da! This course will help to mitigate the many discussions about scope of practice, safe practices, lessons in self care in pregnancy and the postpartum period, discussions about feeding and infant care, as well as a host of fun tidbits about herbal and homeopathic usage.

The four module, pre-recorded, session includes a downloadable reference books, readings, audio and video lessons by accredited professionals, along with module case studies to practice your new found holistic skills!

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