2019 CALL-FOR-SUBMISSIONS: Hilary Marentette Scholarship

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – The Nova Scotia Doula Association (NSDA) has issued a call-for- submissions for its Hilary Marentette Scholarship.

What’s in a name?

Hilary Marentette

Hilary Marentette

Hilary Marentette has been a pioneer and a visionary in the Nova Scotia perinatal community. She has been involved with birthing and breastfeeding families for many years, first as a pre- natal educator and then as a doula. Nicknamed the Grand Doula, she had a pivotal role in the establishment of the Volunteer Doula Program with the Chebucto Family Centre (formerly the Single Parent Centre) in 1996. As a DONA International Trainer, Hilary has been a key player in the development and promotion of the doula profession in the area and has trained several hundred doulas both locally and throughout the Atlantic region. Now retired since 2011, she continues to volunteer her time as a doula while serving on numerous committees.

Purpose of the fund

The purpose of this bursary is to infuse doulas with a keen sense of responsibility to others and an awareness of the importance of diversity in our community. More specifically, this bursary aims to provide financial assistance to a certified doula who is a NSDA member and who will use his/her newly acquired knowledge to benefit families in the community and perinatal health in general.


Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible, you must:

  1. Be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or have protected person or refugee status;

  2. Be a resident of Nova Scotia;

  3. Be registered to an event, workshop, course or conference related to perinatal health;

  4. Be a member of the NSDA;

  5. Be a certified Doula

Preference will be given to applicants who have not received funds in the previous twenty-four months

Value of the award: Applicants may apply for up to 70% of the totals costs of the registration fee or tuition fees, to a maximum of $400.00. The applicant is responsible for the remaining costs themselves.

Number of awards: 1

Frequency of the award: yearly

Application contact: Renee Curry, Co—Chair for the NSDA (chair@novascotiadoulas.org)

Application deadline: April 28, 2019 at 11:59pm


Applications can be made through the NSDA Online Scholarships and Bursaries Application, accessible through the NSDA website (with supporting documents sent by email) OR by mail and must include:

  1. A completed “Hilary Marentette Scholarship” Application form. (Online or Pdf)

  2. Proof of registration/enrollment for a continuing professional development event; these are not limited to events with official CEUs, CERPs or contact hours. (If your participation to the event is contingent on receiving funding, please write a short letter explaining your situation)

  3. Proof of current doula certification (please provide picture or photocopy);

  4. Current resume or Curriculum vitae;

  5. A 750-word statement explaining the importance of the knowledge gained during the event, how it will benefit you as a doula and how it will be used to serve communities in Nova Scotia. Please include three (3) ways in which you will share your newly gained knowledge with the NSDA and your community.

  6. A 250-word statement outlining your past, current and future contributions to the NSDA.

Decisions will be rendered on May 21st, 2019.

If you have any questions regarding the NSDA Bursary Program, the application process or your submission, please contact Renee Curry, Co-Chair for the NSDA (chair@novascotiadoulas.org)