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Infant and Pregnancy Loss Training (Certification and Mentorship Program)

Training Organization: Doula Training Canada (DTC)

Where: Halifax, NS

Cost: Cost $375 (Includes 4 Online Mentorship Sessions and In-Person Workshop). See website for Mentorship Session dates)

Description: The goal of this course is to familiarize and prepare professional support and care professionals for the experience and support of loss. This course will focus on multiple stages of loss in pregnancy and the labour and birthing experience.  It will discuss how support persons impact the experience and the environment of loss, as well as place emphasis on communication and the expression of individual grief. After this training you:

  • You will be uniquely equipped with the ability to provide information and answer questions about infant and pregnancy loss through multiple stages and experiences.
  • You will confidently be able to professionally communicate about loss in order to cultivate trusting relationships; both with clients and with other professionals.
  • Experienced a national community of support who are educated in loss; 24/7 support by the Doula Canada team and your training colleagues.  
  • ou will be able to normalize, validate, and refer clients to loss and grief support services.
  • You will have completed all assignments and certification requirements towards your training (2 year timeframe provided).
  • You will be provided with a certificate of completion as a Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Person.

What you can expect:

  • A four (4) week online mentorship forum which will provide the structure and processes needed to equip students for their 16 hour in-class workshop, certification requirements, and client support experiences.  
  • A 16 hour (two day) in-class workshop with an experienced Loss Doula and mentor.  This session will provide detailed and expressive discussions about loss, support, communication, self care, professional connections, and actions for care.
  • An examination of the use of language and what this communicates to clients about our beliefs and understanding of infant loss, pregnancy loss, death, grief, and trauma
  • An exploration of the experience of loss at multiple stages of development and into the postpartum period.
  • A greater appreciation for how race, gender, family dynamics, geographical location, culture, and the dynamics of grief impact our understanding of infant and pregnancy loss (Internationally).
  • An online and in-person review of the physiological, psychological, and emotional transitions that an individual may experience through loss, and a deeper understanding for communication and companionship models of support.
  • A community based approach to learning which will introduce you to loss and grief partners within your own community.
  • A monthly drop-in option for community building, mentorship, support, and processing (online).

This course will explore questions, such as:

  • What is loss and grief?  
  • How do I provide companionship and support during a time of loss?
  • What can I expect during different stages of fetal demise or loss of maternal life?
  • What kinds of challenges can I expect as a birth worker supporting loss?
  • What are actions I can do to support clients during their experience?
  • What resources are available to people within my community, and what how can I work to support clients once home?
  • How does support differ in abortion, adoption, apprehension, infant, and maternal experiences?

For more information (including Online Mentorship Session dates), please click here.

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