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Sex and Birth Support Person Training (ONLINE)

Training Organization: Doula Training Canada (DTC)

Where: ONLINE (8 week session)

Cost: Cost $175  

Description: The goal of this course is to familiarize doulas with the unique challenges of pregnancy and postpartum and how this can impact pleasure, relationships within the family, and the sexual expression of individuals. After this training, you will be able to normalize, validate, and refer clients to sexual health and relationship services

You will be uniquely equipped with the ability to provide information and answer questions about sexual health during the pregnancy and postpartum period. Confidently communicating about sex with clients will cultivate a trusting relationship and give clients a safe point of contact on a topic many people can feel very isolated about

You will also be equipped to offer informational sessions, facilitate workshops with other birth workers and parents, and provide consultation services with regards to Sex & Birth

You will be provided with a certificate of completion as a Sex and Birth Support Person (non-certified)

What you can expect:

  • Explore the challenges, changes, and triumphs of intimacy/pleasure in pregnancy and postpartum
  • Appreciate the how intersectionality of race, gender, orientation, family structures, education, geographical location, culture, and abilities impact sexual expression
  • Review the physiological, psychological, and emotional transitions of pregnancy and postpartum and recognize how they can impact sexual health
  • Critically analyze information from a variety of perspectives: queer, feminist, sex-positive, trauma-informed, social justice and reproductive justice
  • Examine the use of gendered language and what this communicates to clients about our beliefs and understanding of pleasure, intimacy, sexual health, birth, and parenthood
  • Develop an appreciation for a breadth of healthy sexual expressions and pleasurable activities
  • Learn how to make educated referrals and practice asking questions
  • Build confidence openly discussing sexuality and relationships with clients

This course will explore questions like:

  • What kinds of sex are people having during pregnancy?
  • When do people start having sex postpartum?
  • What are other ways people experience pleasure with their partners and their newborns?
  • What kinds of challenges do people face during pregnancy and postpartum that hinder relationships intimacy?
  • How have some people overcome these challenges?
  • What resources are available to people within your community and online?

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