We are looking to grow our team! A few of use are ending our term with the board and there are some vacancies coming up. If you’re interested in making a difference in the region’s doula world, read on!

Our upcoming vacancies are:

  • Chair: Renée Curry is re-offering herself for this position. However, if others are interested in this position, please feel free to submit your candidacy!

  • Vice Chair: This position was filled briefly this year, but for personal reasons and other time commitments, the individual had to step down. This position has been vacant since January 2019.

  • Past Chair: This position has since been vacant for the last two years and should be held by a Chair stepping down.

  • Director of Education: The Director of Education works to organize educational events and conferences for doulas and other perinatal professionals.

  • Director of Community Outreach: The Director of Community Outreach works towards building strong bonds with families and members of the community.

  • Director of Communication and Social Media: The Director of Communication and Social Media coordinates the NSDA’s multiple social media platforms.

  • Director at Large (up to 4): Our bylaws allow for up to 15 Directors on the Board. Some of you may feel intimidated to hold a board position with defined responsibilities, especially if this is your first time being a board member. Many of you have approached us wanting to volunteer with specific tasks. We are thus welcoming individuals who wish to help on an ad hoc basis, according to your availability, passions and smaller tasks. We are looking for 1-year terms and 2-year terms. If this position interests you, please indicate in your letter, how long of a term for which you would like to be considered.

How can you submit your candidacy? All you need to do is submit a short letter of intent by Friday April 19, 2019, outlining your qualifications and for which position you would like to be considered. Only NSDA members can be on the board, but this can easily be rectified by becoming a member (clicking here). You DO NOT need to live in the Halifax area to be on the board.

If you are interested in any of these positions or have any questions about the job descriptions, feel to get in touch with Renée Curry, chair@novascotiadoulas.org.

Here is our current board:

Renee Curry


For over a decade, Renée has been supporting women and families through pregnancy, labour and early postpartum life. After working privately as a doula and childbirth educator in Ottawa, she and her husband packed up their circus and moved back home to the Maritimes in 2012. One good word to describe her life is “CHAOS” - as in Caffeinated, Hectic, Abundant, with Occasional Sleep. She is the proud mama of five (6) children - yes, you read that right – and when she’s not supporting birthing families or practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist, her days consist of putting out fires (figuratively only, thankfully!), cooking and knitting with her nose in several books at once. Please contact Renee at chair@novascotiadoulas.org


Adrienne Kehler



Adrienne is originally a prairie girl from Manitoba, but moved to Nova Scotia 25 years ago.  She has been a doula since 2011 and is certified with DONA International CD(DONA).  In addition to doula work, Adrienne is a LCCE, Certified Childbirth Educator with Lamaze International which promotes & supports the 6 Healthy Birth Practices to help women birth with confidence. Apart from working with new mothers and their families, Adrienne is most proud to be the mom of four amazing children.  For her creative growing edge, she jams musically as a vocalist and loves exercising her chops as a stage actor.  You can contact Adrienne at info@novascotiadoulas.org



Karen Reid


Karen is our wonderful and talented Treasurer and beings to her role an impressive 15 years of experience as an Analyst and Accountant. She has a Bachelor's in Biology from Dal and completed the academic portion of the Certified Management Accountant Program in 2015. Karen keeps our books balanced and our mouths drooling with her yummy yet healthy recipe contributions to our newsletters. Please contact Karen with any payment questions at payments@novascotiadoulas.org.


Mercedes Ruiz

Director of Membership

Mercedes Ruiz.jpg

Mercedes is originally from Mexico City, she has a BS in Psychology, a MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy, is a trained Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner, DBL Baby Language® Educator, Certified Counsellor and a mother of an adorable girl.  As a hobby, she volunteered as a paramedic for over 8 years and has always been very interested in pregnancy, birth, babies and women's health and well-being. She has been working especifically with expecting families for the last 3+ years. Mercedes believes that every woman in the world is entitled to have the birth they dream of, that every parent should be able to understand what their baby is trying to communicate and to live their lives in a peaceful manner.  If you would like to become an NSDA member or have any membership questions please contact Mercedes at membership@novascotiadoulas.org


Jessica Edgar

Director of education

Jessica is originally from New Brunswick and she moved to Nova Scotia in 2012, giving birth to her first baby soon after.  She then opened a small Natural Parenting store in Elmsdale and met and supported so many wonderful families.  She was introduced to a community of wise and loving Midwives, who encouraged her to birth her second baby in her power, which deepened her love for birth work!  After receiving her first Reiki attunement, she realized she wanted to combine Energy work with Birth work. She has continued to work on her own self and spiritual growth as well as learn all she can about birth and soak up all the wisdom from everyone she meets. She loves experiencing all that life throws at her, making a mess in the kitchen, and basking in the glorious energy of the outdoors! She believes building strong communities and learning  and growing together to nurture each others strengths in the way of the future! If you have any questions about doula training and continuing education or scholarships provided through the NSDA, please contact Jessica at education@novascotiadoulas.org


Shandelle Ferguson


shandelle ferguson.jpg

After having her 3 wonderfully unique children, Shandelle was strongly compelled to follow her dream, and began her training as a doula.  She began her doula journey in Newfoundland, but moved to Nova Scotia in 2017, with her husband and children.  She is a Birth and Postpartum Doula, certified with Doula Canada.  Shandelle is also very present in the doula community through her role as Provincial Liaison and Public Relations officer with Doula Canada. When not supporting families, Shandelle likes to be near the water, spending time with family, eating good food and drinking great wine! You may contact Shandelle at secretary@novascotiadoulas.org



Cynthia Mann

Professional Liaison

Cynthia is a LLL leader, perinatal nurse, and mother of five. She has Master's degrees in both Nursing and Health Administration with focuses on obesity and women's mental health in particular postpartum depression. Cynthia has been supporting women throughout her career as a registered nurse. She has also been providing women with mother to mother support as a LLL leader. Her passion is helping women get the information and support they need to be empowered to make choices that feel right for their families, as well as helping other mothers support women so that we create a network of support around new mothers and families. Cynthia can be reached at: liaison@novascotiadoulas.org