Congratulations to the Winners for the 2018 NSDA Wine Survivor!

3rd Place: Shandelle Ferguson

2nd Place: Jen Salib

1st Place: Lori Frizzell

Thank you everyone for your support!

2018 wine for the holidays.png

2018 NSDA Wine Survivor

Did you have a great experience with your doula and would like to help the Nova Scotia Doula Association (NSDA) better support him or her? Will you be attending many meet & greets during the holidays? Family dinners? How about that Secret Santa at the office, for which you never know what to get? No time for shopping because you're on-call until the cows come home? We've got you covered!

As a fundraiser, the NSDA is organizing a Wine Survivor. To take part in this event, participants can submit $35 online which covers registration and the purchase of your wine, through our website, and the NSDA elves (otherwise known as board members) will pick up a bottle of wine on your behalf.

So how does this work?

Wine survivor is a reverse draw. The last three standing participants win the wine, just in time for the holidays! The first place winner is the last name drawn and will receive half of the bottles of wine. Second and third place will each receive ¼ of the total bottles. November 23 will be the last day to register. Starting November 25th, we will have our first draw. Dec 2nd will be the second draw and Dec 9 will be the third and final draw. The number of names drawn each day will be determined based on the total number of participants. If your name is drawn, you have lost your chance to win the wine (unless you have pre-purchased “immunity”). Names will be announced on the NSDA Facebook page when we hold the draws via Facebook Live and they will be listed on this page on the NSDA website.

What is immunity you say?

In true Survivor spirit however, there will be immunities available. The way this works is at the time of your registration if you choose to pre-purchase immunity for $5, you will automatically have a second chance at winning because your name will be returned to the draw basket automatically if it is drawn providing you a second chance to win. There will be a maximum of (1) immunity per person!

Who can enter? What if I live outside of Halifax?

Our Wine Survivor contest is open to everyone who is of legal age to purchase alcoholic beverages in Nova Scotia. You do not need to be a member of the NSDA (Nova Scotia Doula Association) to enter.

Good news…if you live outside of Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) you can still participate but please note that pick-up for the prizes for the top three winners will be held in the HRM area only.

Some particulars…..

There will be three separate draws held once a week for three weeks via Facebook Live Sunday evenings between 7pm & 8pm on our Nova Scotia Doula Association Facebook page and the names drawn will be listed on this page every week. Below are the three draw dates to mark in your calendar.

Click here to get to the NSDA Facebook page.

Number of participants at the start: 26

Note: If the participant has chosen to pre-purchase a $5 immunity they will be put back into the draw immediately for a second chance. There is a maximum of one (1) immunity per participant.

Wondering if you’ve been eliminated?

If your name is listed below that means you are no longer in the draw. If you had immunity and your name is listed that means your name was pulled twice.


  • Joan O’Keefe

  • Susan Dekker

  • Julia Copp

  • Mercedes Ruiz

  • Laura Johnston

  • Rose Kehoe


  • Crystalle Laamanen

  • Jennifer Williatte-Battet

  • Gail Munroe

  • Rachel Byers

  • Adrienne Kehler

  • Karen Reid


  • Pam Archibald

  • Jorge I Loza

  • Lisa Moore

  • Amy Wardrope

  • Renee Curry

  • Helen Scammell

  • Jenny Jarrett

  • Jeff Hazelton

  • Wendy hardHar

  • Dolly Mosher

  • Wanda Cox