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Live Online Waterbirth Training

Training organization: Waterbirth International


Cost: PROVIDERS Midwife / Physician: $295
                              Nurses / RN / Doula / Childbirth Educator: $145

          STUDENTS: Any current Student Midwife/MD Resident/Nurse/Doula/College: $95

Description: Join Barbara Harper for the Online Waterbirth Training. This course will cover how and why to integrate water immersion into maternity care, including benefits of waterbirth as part of a gentle birth approach to maternity care; the neurology of water immersion; managing and preventing complications; the latest research on waterbirth; the common contraindications to birth in water; the rationales for delayed cord clamping; the necessity of protecting and seeding the microbiome of the infant; accomplishing skin to skin contact and kangaroo mother care; physiological third stage and newborn transitional physiology. There is a special emphasis on hospital integration and safety during this session with films and hundreds of photographs.

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