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Postpartum Doula Training

Training Organization: Doula Training Canada (DTC)

Where: Halifax, NS

Cost: Cost $450 plus applicable provincial tax  

Description: If you love to support others, without the on call schedule then this training is for YOU! This certification will teach you about the joy and thrill of working with the postpartum family, help you understand the most pressing, common and less common issues during this stage of family development and show you how the Doula will fit in to help the family become a unit. Some of the essential doula topics covered in your training include:

  • The benefits of postpartum support in Canada
  • Scope of practice for Canadian Doulas
  • Breastfeeding 101 and Doula practices
  • Postpartum mood disorders and referrals
  • Newborn care and procedures
  • Creating success in your new business
  • And so much more!

One time fee covers course Reference Guide, exam and assignment administration and marking, instructor fee, administrative costs, certificate shipping, membership into an exciting Canadian peer network, mentorship, and fun!

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